Dean Boucounis


My Promise to You

Serving individuals and business’ since 1974. As a Financial Advisor, I can offer you the expertise and knowledge to help develop a financial plan that is right for you. The financial planning process I use is an independent assessment of your financial condition. This helps  put you in control of a coordinated approach to your financial life. I will listen to your concerns and develop a suitable financial plan for you using the additional input of your attorneys, accountants and other professional advisors.

Throughout your lifetime, you’ll have countless decisions to make – some bigger than others. When it comes to your financial future, those decisions become even more important. The products and insurance services that I offer can go a long way toward determining a secure financial future for you and your family.

Keeping you up to date on the latest financial and insurance related topics is important to me. To receive additional updates on issues that may impact you, please follow me on social media.